What is Simpla

Simpla is a simple and clear ready-to-use solution for your online store, boasting a wide array of capabilities and offering a solid design without the hassle.

Live examples:

Интернет-магазин зоотоваров Магазин натуральной косметики Интернет-магазин игрушек Интернет-магазин сумок Интернет-магазин часов Цветочный магазин Интернет-магазин Apple Интернет-магазин карнавальных костюмов Интернет-магазин всего для дома Магазин рекламно-сувенирной продукции Интернет-магазин мебели Каталог пластиковых окон Магазин свежего воздуха Интернет-магазин электроники Ювелирный интернет-магазин

Ease of Use

The concise control panel interface offered by Simpla makes managing your online store swift and easy. Auto completion, spelling check, drag-and-drop sorting and many other features will free you from monotonous tasks so that you can devote your time to more vital matters.

Vast Functionality

Multilevel product catalog, product characteristics, discount coupon support, related product display, a blog, product and article comments, discounts for shoppers, watermarked product images, and many more functions to bring your store to life.

Fully Customizable Design

Simpla’s flexible template system allows for full design customizability via the control panel. Our HTML and CSS editor with syntax highlighting will aid you in this task to ensure optimal results.

Search Engine Optimization

Automatic meta tag placement, automatic Google Site Map generation and refined webpage URLs will help you get the best search results possible.


Simpla is secured against even the most novel of SQL injections, XSS and CSRF attacks. And don’t worry over potential server downtime. Simpla’s backup system will prevent data loss and will help you switch hosting in mere minutes should the need arise.


All database requests from the engine are optimized. Most of the store’s pages use a total of no more than ten SQL requests each while utilizing no more than 3 MB of memory. This allows Simpla to perform with utmost efficiency on any hosting servers while selling thousands of items simultaneously.

Simple Source Code

Simpla’s source code is written by people for people. You’ll have no trouble further developing the code to meet your needs. Enjoy your freedom and flexibility with our open source engine.